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Donations for CORVA Merchandise

CORVA accepts donations for all merchandise and apparel listed here. Although your donation is not tax deductible, by ordering merchandise you help CORVA raise funds to continue Fighting for Off-Road Access to Public Lands. When you promote CORVA by wearing a shirt or hat and you display CORVA stickers, you help spread the message of our dedication and hard work to fellow off-roaders and public land users.

Get your friends and family involved! Show them you support CORVA and order today!

We thank you for helping support CORVA. Don't forget to order extras to give along with a CORVA Gift Membership for all those off-roaders in your family! If you have any suggested items that you might want that aren't listed, send us an email. We're always looking for new items to promote CORVA. Email to:

Note: If you want to order CTUC Maps, please visit